General Information


Adult - High Season*: R$ 79,00
Adult - Low Season*: R$ 65,00
Elderly (over 60 years old living in Brazil) R$ 25,50
Child (5-11 years) R$ 51,00

Children up to 4 years in the lap do not pay.
You must show documents to prove age.

* The value includes round trip ticket and admission to Christ the Redeemer' monument.
* All Saturdays and Sundays and holidays are considered high.

All tickets Corcovado Train by appointment only.

The ticket office does not sell tickets for the same day.

The ticket office only work to exchange vouchers for customers who buy tickets in advance through the internet, APP or accredited points of sale.

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Ticket Redial Policy::

Dear customer look at the conditions to REDIAL the Corcovado Train ticket:

Book in advance:
Seu embarque pode ser remarcado mediante o pagamento da taxa:
A ) - With less than 24 hours boarding: 30%
B) - With more than 24 hours in advance: 10%

REDIAL After the departure of the train
After the TRAIN departure your ticket can be rebooked for the next 30 days by paying the fine of 30% of the ticket value.

Remarks: There is no practice of reimbursement for cancellation reason, we only offer the possibility of REDIAL your ticket.

To REDIAL contact by phone:
0xx 11 4412.5454 is necessary to inform the Voucher Code and Social Security Number/Passport.


Shopping for groups and guide courtesy appointment:

By phone: call 0xx21 4063-3003 or 0800 774 5004

By mail: send an email stating the amount of tickets, day and time of visit to: suporte@ingressocomdesconto.com.br


High season:
Every weekend in 2018
01/01 to 18/02 (School Holidays and Carnival)
30/03 (Easter Holiday)
21/04 and 23/04 (Tiradentes and São Jorge)
30/04 and 01/05 (Labor Day Holiday)
31/05 and 01/06 (Corpus Christi Holiday)
01/07 to 31/07 (School Holidays)
07/09 (Holiday Independence of Brazil)
10/10 (Holiday, S. Aparecida)
02/11 (Finished)
15/11 and 16/11 (Proclamation of the Republic)
19/11 and 20/11 (Black Consciousness Holiday)
15/12 to 31/12 (School Holidays)

Low Season:
Monday through Friday - excluding holidays.

* Please be advised that, as of February 6, 2016, the courtesies will be accepted at the box office of the Corcovado Train ONLY IF PRINTED AND CONTAINING BARCODE

Operating time:

Monday to Sunday, from 8 AM to 7 PM; trains departing every thirty minutes

* Operating hours subject to change with no previous notice in case of technical problems and/or under adverse weather conditions.

The tourist complex also has special elevators and equipped restrooms for people with disabilities.

General Informations:

Capacity: 345 passengers/hour
Speed Uphill: 15 km/h
Speed Downhill: 12 km/h
Train weight: 36,8t – (total train weight: engine + cars)

Trip length:

Approximately 20 minutes.

Ticket office opening hour – 8 AM
Ticket office closing hour – 7 PM

Payment Method:

Debit and credit cards accepted.
We don't accept checks.

Discounts are not be cumulative; valid only for Brazilians.

Code of Conduct:

Not allowed:

To leave children unattended, please stay alert during your tour for your own safety;
To remove plants, soil, rocks or any other material from the green areas;
To feed animals;
To set fire;
To leave your thrash;
To hunt;
To make shortcuts on the trails and to damage vegetation;
To carry fire arms or sharp objects;
To bring professional photographic or video cameras without marketing department's previous permission;
To destroy cultural heritage;
To play loud music;
To damage sign posts;
To bring animals;
To be half naked or wearing only a swimsuit;
To scratch rocks, trees, or any type of construction;
To take a bath at the train station's restrooms;

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