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Adult Low Season: R$ 93,50
Adult High Season: R$ 117,50
Children (from 5 to 11 years old): R$ 64,00

Children up to 4 years old do not pay, provided they are in the lap of their responsible.
It is necessary to prove the age by document.

* Includes round-trip transportation and access to the Christ the Redeemer monument.
* All Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are considered high.

Seniors - Above 60 years (only Brazilians): R$ 32,00
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Ticket Rescheduling Policy:

Dear customer, to REBOOK your Corcovado Train ticket, please observe the conditions:

Your boarding can be rescheduled upon payment of the fee:
A ) - Less than 24 hours before boarding: 30%.
B) - More than 24 hours before boarding: 10%.

After the departure of the TRAIN your ticket may be rescheduled during the next 30 days upon payment of a 30% penalty of the ticket value.

Remarks: There is no practice of refund for cancellation reasons, we only offer the possibility to REMARK your ticket.

To REBOOK, please contact us by phone:
 +55 (21) 3512-4072 it is necessary to inform the Voucher Code and the CPF or PASSAPORT Number.



To buy tickets for groups:

By phone: call +55 (21) 4063-3003

By e-mail: send us an e-mail informing the quantity of tickets, day and time of the visit to: suporte@ingressocomdesconto.com.br




Monday to Friday (except holidays), from 8am to 5pm, with departures every twenty minutes.

From Saturday, Sunday, holidays and holiday's amendments, from 8am to 6pm, , with departures every twenty minutes.

* Schedules are subject to change without prior notice due to technical and/or weather problems.

The Tourist Complex has elevators for people with special needs and adapted bathrooms.


The periods are considered to be:

High season:

All weekends of 2023
01/01 to 01/31 (School Holidays)
02/18 to 03/22 (Carnival Week)
04/07 (Easter Friday)
04/21 (Tiradentes - Friday)

05/01(Dia do Trabalho - Monday)
06/08 (Corpus Christi - Thursday)

07/03 to 07/28 (School Holidays)
09/07 (Independence Day - Thursday)
10/12 (Nossa Senhora de Aparecida - Thursday)
11/02 (Day of the Dead - Thursday)
11/15 (Republic Proclamation Day - Wednesday)
12/18 to 12/31 (School Holidays)

Low season:
Monday to Friday - except holidays.

* We inform that as of February 6, 2016, tickets will ONLY be accepted at the ticket office of Corcovado Train IF: PRINTED AND WITH THE BAR CODE